Jason Derulo's "Marry Me" Lyrics: Is He Proposing To Jordin Sparks?

The lyrics to Jason Derulo's new single may be popping the question to his real-life love...


R&B singer/songwriter Jason Derulo is set to release his third studio album, Tattoos, on September 24th, and his latest single from the album could be his most romantic hit yet. "Marry Me" is a sugary ballad that we can only assume was penned for his pop star girlfriend Jordin Sparks — who coincidentally released her song "Skipping A Beat" which was written about (and with!) Derulo. We think it's pretty adorable that the couple makes sweet music together (literally), but is this song an actual proposal?

In the chorus, Jason spills But one day I wont be able to ask you loud enough / I'll say will you marry me? / I swear that I will mean it, so it looks like the idea of marriage is on his brain...for the future! We just hope we're invited to the wedding. Listen to Jason Derulo's "Marry Me" below and share your thoughts on the tune with us in the comments: