Lady Gaga: pop star, noted provocateur, friend to couture fashion designers, wearer of... jeans? This high-maintenance mama (Mother Monster to be specific) doesn't seem like one to wear such a layman's garment but she has many songs to indicate that she's a lover of all things denim. Let's examine the real-life facts before we move on to our lyrical proof of Gaga's affection for the blue:

A) She's a self-professed super-fan of Bruce Springsteen, the all-American musician with his own affinity for denim.

B) She has recently been chumming around with Donatella Versace who, as the head of the fashion house Versace, oversees the production of many a jean line as well as a perfume line that uses jeans as inspiration (fragrance names include Blue Jeans, Red Jeans, White Jeans).

So as if her association with these two denim-y high-profilers wasn't enough, onto the lyrics...

1. "Speechless"

"I can't believe how you looked at me / With your James Dean glossy eyes / In your tight jeans with your long hair / And your cigarette stained lies"

2. "Paparazzi"

"Leather and jeans / Garage glamorous / Not sure what it means / But this photo of us"

3. "Marry The Night"

"Love is the new denim or black / Skeleton guns are wedding bells in the attic"

4. "Boys Boys Boys"

"Boys, boys, boys, we like boys in cars / Boys, boys, boys, buy us drinks in bars / Boys, boys, boys with hairspray and denim / And boys, boys, boys, we love them, we love them"

We rest our case: no matter how crazy her outfits get, this woman will always love jeans.

Can you think of any other Gaga lyrics about this all-American closet staple? Tell us below.