Watch Sultry Soul Singer Jenn Em's New 'Jailkeeper' Lyric Video

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22-year-old Jenn Em isn't afraid to put herself out there to help realize her dreams. The Chevy Chase, Maryland native knew that she wanted to be singer at a young age, and took a high-volume approach to having her voice heard. "I sang everywhere, for everyone — anyone!" says Jenn of her early days working as a performer. But it wasn't until the singer packed her bags and headed for Los Angeles that she landed on the industry's radar. The singer's sultry vocals — which fans of singers like Amy Winehouse and Adele will appreciate — got her noticed by JUB Records owner Jubbie Chang, and the two have since started work on a debut EP. Which brings us to "Jailkeeper", the first single from that aforementioned EP. It's a song that sees Jenn air out some of her own personal demons. "Out of time, found the end when I had nowhere left to go / Lost my wrong from right / So I let the devil take control," confesses Em, "And I'll get to the gates of heaven / They'll either let me in or they'll let me go."
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Today we're bringing you an exclusive first look at new "Jailkeeper" lyric video. Watch our premiere below, and look for more from Jenn Em in the very near future.

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