Jessie J Compares Love To "Thunder" In Stormy Lyric Video

The latest lyric vid from the pop star may require an umbrella!

We know that November is just around the corner, which means that stormy weather is on the way. Jessie J clearly knows this as well, with her latest single from her second album Alive, entitled "Thunder". In the uplifting single, Jessie sings to a lover who helps her open up to the idea of getting hurt in a relationship, which shouldn't be an excuse to deny the possibility of an electric charge romantically. Put yourself out in the storm, Jessie!

Accompanying the song is a lyric video perfect for a rainy day, shooting the lyrics towards the screen at full speed. You might need to put on your rain gear as the chorus "This ain't no mistake, you make my earth quake / You feel like thunder in the sky" comes alive! Watch the lyric video for Jessie J's "Thunder" below:

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