Jillette Johnson Shares Her Colorful 'My Musical Mind' With Us

Young singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson has a few things that have caught our attention: she's got a beautiful, powerful singing voice, a poignant lyrical writing talent, and an EP coming out today! Entitled Whiskey & Frosting, the 5-track EP reminds us of a mix of Vanessa Carlton and Regina Spektor, with her powerful vocals and stirring piano riffs. Based in New York City, Johnson's influence for her new EP came from the likes of classic songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Carol King, and even Elton John. You can tell that JJ's put a lot of time and effort into the collection of songs because of how complex and interesting the lyrics are, just like her musical heroes mentioned above. We have no doubts that Jillette will go far down her pop-star path, which is why we were happy to catch up with her early in her career to glimpse into her My Musical Mind: the first one in full COLOR!

Also check out the handwritten lyric pages that Jillette gave us in honour of her EP release today!

Download Jillette Johnson's new EP Whiskey & Frosting on iTunes today. What do you think of the up-and-coming singer/songwriter/?