Joan Jett Rocks Out On The Late Late Show

Hosted by Drew Carey (April Fools!), see what the rocker thinks of people connecting with her music!

One of the most iconic songs in rock (or, in music!) has to be Joan Jett & The Blackhearts' "I Love Rock N Roll". Want proof? The legendary rocker stopped by The Late Late Show (with Drew Carey -- Craig Ferguson switched places with him on The Price Is Right for April Fools) to promote her upcoming album Unvarnished, and as the show came back from a commercial break, the audience was in full singing and dancing mode as her hit about lovin' rock n' roll played in the background to her delight.

When asked by Drew Carey how awesome it feels to have her music resonate with so many people, Jett graciously responded "It's why you do it!" She goes on to describe how music is something that everybody can relate to, and it's a joy to see her humble about her music so long into her career. You go, Joan!

Watch the clip from The Late Late Show with Joan Jett rockin' out below:

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