Joe Jonas Shows Off His All-Grown-Up Lyrics @ Live On Letterman

Remember Joe Jonas? Of The Jonas Brothers? The Jonas Brothers with their wholesome, non-threatening, squeaky-clean image that millions of young fans fell in love with?Well, Joe isn't your average teen idol any longer. Fastlife, his first solo album that dropped October 11th, is chock full of lyrics inspired by his past relationships. I guess the guy had to get it out: Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Ashley Greene must've really done a number on him!

On top of the ex-relationship theme, JJ also threw in a handful of songs that are pretty X-rated compared to his JoBros days. With lyrics like She'll kiss your lips in the parking lot / You'll want to stop, but you can't stop ("Take It And Run") and Ohh, gonna make you mine tonight / I wanna rock with you 'til sunrise ("Make You Mine"), it's making us blush and tug on our collars a little bit. 

Watch his performance in a room filled with love-crazed Jojo fans for Live On Letterman (or, L.O.L. as we call it) below:

Mr. JJ's debut album Fastlife is in stores today! Are you digging his, er, mature image?

~ A.H.