Joel Crouse Gives Solid Life Advice in His "Even the River Runs" Lyrics

The 22-year-old country singer hand wrote out the lyrics, and we can all learn a little something about living like a river from them.

If there's one thing that 22-year-old country up-and-comer Joel Crouse wants to get across in his lyrics it's honesty. "My songs will always be about honest experience," says the singer-songwriter in the press release for his debut LP Even the River Runs. "I always want to be the one telling my story." And judging by the songwriting on his new album, Joel's story involves one heck of a good time. The LP's title track, "Even the River Runs," takes us for a ride on the banks of the Missouri river, with a full tank of gas, with your sweetheart sitting next to you on the bench seat. But beyond the literal, the song is also a lesson in why we should all aspire to live our lives a little more like a river — because rivers never sit still!

To celebrate today's release of the album, we had Joel write out the lyrics to "Even the River Runs" as part of our handwritten lyric feature. Scroll down to read the lyrics in Joel's own writing as you listen along to the song.

Here's Joel writing them out, and from the comfort of his own couch, no less.

Watch Joel's music video for "Even the River Runs" below via VEVO:
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