Joe's New Autobiographical Release: The Good, The Bad, The Sexy

Joe has come a long way since his hit "Stutter" hit the airwaves in 2000. He has released 9 albums and collaborated with Mariah Carey, Fabolous, and Nas among others and now he's back with his newest album entitled The Good, The Bad, The Sexy. 

Street Date sat down with Joe to get a preview of the album, and for an interview in which he talks about the first single from the album 'Dear Joe' which has lyrics that hit close to home: 

This morning I'm waking up to this letter saying "Dear Joe, baby I'm gone" / Why'd you love me and leave me? Girl you played it so devious / Thought you were bringing your love back instead it's "Dear Joe, baby I'm gone" / Now all I got left here of you is your lipstick as the signature: "Sincerely Yours."

"Dear Joe, obviously if you really break down the words, is a song about my ex and sort of coming back to get one for the road," explains the singer. "You know, things didn't work out and we decided to part ways but we just couldn't let go of that chemistry." 

You can see more of the interview and hear Joe play an acoustic set off his new album on Street Date!