Jonas Brothers Reunite! A New Album In The Works?

As pictured above, the last Jonas Brothers album (Lines, Vines and Trying Times) came out in 2009 — almost three years ago! That being said, at least the JoBros haven't totally peaced out from the spotlight: Kevin (pictured left) got married, Joe (middle) launched a dance-pop solo project Fastlife, and Nick has been singing/dancing/acting his heart out on Broadway as well as the new TV show Smash. That's all well and good for the Bros individually, but will they ever get back together for a fifth studio album?

Nick Jonas says yes! According to our friends at B96, the youngest JoBros had a word with MTV News about a potential new record:

"We don't know how long it's going to take us to write this record: it may take a couple weeks, it may take months, it could take years, but we're ready to go on that journey. It's been a while and there has been a lot of growth as individuals and musically as well. We've all gone on our journeys musically. It'll be interesting to see what comes of that."

Is that not exciting news or what, JB lovers? For more info on this awesome news, head on over to B96!