Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith: Next Big Duo in 2012?

We've been waiting to see how Justin Bieber would grow up and evolve in 2012 and now we've got a preview! Working with his close friend and often-collaborator Jaden Smith (yep, Will and Jada Smith's son) Justin just released a new song (via Twitter) called Happy New Year.

It's a romantic R&B song with Jaden rapping and Justin crooning lyrics like:
"It's the new year, I wanna give you everything / Never fear cause girl you're coming home with me yeah"

Woah! Quite grown up for Justin Bieber, but I guess he isn't 15 anymore... We can't wait to see what this year will bring for him and for Jaden, they make a good pair and Jaden can actually rap! Kinda reminds us of Kanye and Drake.

Do you think it will be a big year for Justin Bieber? (Duh.) How about for Jaden Smith?