Justin Bieber is Buzz Lightyear in "Boyfriend" Lyrics

Ever since the end of last year when Justin Bieber was seen (well, heard) freestyling on radio stations, we all knew he had a thing for rapping. Cut to his recent interview in Complex magazine where the Biebs once again affirmed his love for hip-hop by telling the mag that he plans to sneak a little bit of rapping into his new album.

On that note, the teen heartthrob shared a rap line from his new song "Boyfriend" (out March 26th) for Complex:

"Tell me what you like, dear / Tell me what you don't / I could be your Buzz Lightyear / Fly across the globe / You don't even need to fight, dear / You already know / I can make you shine bright / Like you're laying in the snow / Burr"

You might think that Justin's the first "rapper" to throw down the Toy Story character in his rhymes, but he's actually following in the footsteps of these artists:

"That's why I call you Buzz Lightyear / Cause by the time you start buzzin' / B**** you gon' have white hair" — Nicki Minaj, Roman In Moscow

"Drink Bud Light beer wit Buzz Lightyear / Wet from here to infinity for them white hair" — Method Man, N.Y.C. Everything

"Energy, energy, energy, energy / Buzz Lightyear, boy, from here to infinity" — Travis Barker, Carry It

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