Justin Bieber Pens A Mariah Yeater-Inspired Song For Upcoming Album

Justin Bieber is hard at work putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album Believe before it drops on June 19th. Since hearing the first new single "Boyfriend", we know that Bieber's new sound consists of rap and R&B influences, catchy beats, and a little less bubble-gum pop than before.

While we have hints of what his new sound will be like, we're still looking for hints on his lyrics. He recently told reporters in London that he wrote a song "about that girl that said she was gonna have my baby," (Mariah Yeater) and that he was going to be singing about real life situations. We love honest lyrics and can't wait to get the inside scoop on that crazy baby-mama drama.

Speaking of honest lyrics, JB is also planning to release a track he collaborated on with the always lyrically-upfront rapper Drake. Perhaps Drake will teach him a thing or two about airing out dirty laundry via his music like he did on Marvin's Room... People who have heard the new collaboration track called it "swaggerific" and Justin said, "It's a smash. People are gonna love it. It just rides so smoothly." We can't wait for June 19th!