Justin Bieber Promises To Stay Gold In "As Long As You Love Me" Featuring Big Sean

Justin Bieber has been rolling out the singles on his upcoming album Believe before its scheduled release on June 19th. First there was "Boyfriend", then the sweet ballad "Die In Your Arms", then his club-banging collaboration with Ludacris, "All Around The World" and now this latest track called "As Long As You Love Me."

That song title might ring a bell for boy-band fans of the 90's because our beloved Backstreet Boys released their hit song of the same name in 1997, but this new Bieber tune is a little different from the sappy BSB ballad. "As Long As You Love Me" takes cues from dubstep and even features a verse by rapper Big Sean. It's a catchy song with romantic lyrics that basically drive home the point that the Beatles once made: love is all you need.

Listen to the song:

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