Justin Bieber Takes Us "All Around The World" In His New Music Video

When Justin Bieber hinted on Twitter that he would be releasing the video for his up-tempo dance song "All Around The World" featuring Ludacris, we started racking our brains to predict what it would be like. Would it be a theatrical short film like the "As Long As You Love Me" video? Would it be a heavily-choreographed pool party like the video for "Beauty and a Beat?"

Well, the clip is finally here and upon seeing it we thought "Of course!" because it all makes sense: in this new video, Justin Bieber literally takes us "All Around The World" with footage of his Believe tour! We get to see Justin on stage dancing up a storm, navigating his way through crowds of screaming fans, and some beautiful shots of architecture from all the places he visited. It's almost like we were there with him... *sigh*

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