Justin Bieber Takes Us "Under The Mistletoe"

Who wouldn't want to go under the mistletoe with that face?

Yesterday, The Biebs's highly-anticipated (yet rather early, don't you think?) holiday album Under The Mistletoe dropped, and you could just hear girls around the world rush to record stores to pick it up. The album features musical heavyweights like Usher and Mariah Carey, so we already know the record is gonna soar up the Billboard charts in the next couple of weeks! 

But what variety of Xmas lyrics can we expect on Under The Mistletoe? Judging from its first single, aptly titled "Mistletoe", there's brand-new songs as well as classics like "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "Silent Night". Look out for originals on the disc such as "Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas" and "Fa La La".

What we really want to know is: will Under The Mistletoe be a classic album you pull out every Christmas to listen to as you decorate the tree and bake cookies? Justin's voice has definitely matured since his break into the music scene, so he sounds grown-up enough to potentially charm the ears of adult party-goers during the Xmas season. 

In case you missed Bieber on Jay Leno on Monday night, B96 has the full interview where JB spills deets about Selena Gomez, his love for sushi, and his...run-in with the law?

~ A.H.