Justin Bieber's All Grown Up In His "As Long As You Love Me" Music Video

Lock up your daughters! The world's biggest pop star Justin Bieber is on the prowl. We never thought we'd be saying that the Biebs was a dangerous dude, but after watching his brand new music vid for "As Long As You Love Me" (which we teased you with earlier in the week), the 18-year-old sensation might be getting a bad boy reputation. As Justin steals his lady love away from the clutches of her controlling father, he claims to his girl that "As long as you love me / We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke" (which we still think is a major rip-off of a certain boy band). As Justin is left battered and bruised by his beloved's daddy, we're thinking that JB is finally becoming a bit of a — dare we say it — macho man before our eyes.

Watch Justin's action-movie-inspired "As Long As You Love Me" video below on VEVO:

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