Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Video: Inspired By *NSYNC'S "Girlfriend"?

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Video

You can finally breathe a sigh of relief, Beliebers: Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video was released just before 5pm PST time yesterday on MTV! Looks like all of those weird, dark images of Bieber whispering to a girl and water dripping were just some sort of intro for the video, and the actual clip features Justin hanging with cool, attractive people somewhere in L.A. surrounded by cars. Does it...look familiar to you?

It's a familiar scene because, well, it's happened before! *NSYNC featuring Nelly's "Girlfriend" video (which debuted about 10 years ago) has exactly the same plotline! The guys from *SYNC plus their pal Nelly hop around cars and impress girls with their smooth vocal stylings, cooing at them to be their girlfriends. Justin, you're doing the EXACT same thing, except convincing them that you should be their BOYFRIEND, not the other way around!

Check the videos and see for yourself: the first one is the Biebs and the second is *NSYNC...

Do you agree with the simliarities in the videos? Let us know in the comments!