Justin Bieber's New Song Is For The Broken-Hearted

Listen to "Heartbreaker", dedicated to all you broken-hearted Beliebers!

Happy Music Monday, everybody! Especially to all you Beliebers out there: the term 'music mondays' now has a new definition, and it's all thanks to Justin Bieber. The pop sensation kicked off his 10-weeks-of-new-music campaign starting today, revealing the lyric video to "Heartbreaker".

Lyrically, the song is all about JB feeling broken-hearted over losing the girl of his dreams to another guy, and the singer dedicates the tune to everybody in the same position. Check out the song explanation that the Biebs tweeted:

Want to listen to Justin's smooth, R&B-flavored jam? Play "Heartbreaker" on Soundcloud below:

Digging the new JB tune? Pick it up on iTunes today. Not digging it? Let us know what you think!