Justin Timberlake: Possible New Song?

We've thought about it, we've agonized about it, we've even tweeted about it: When is Justin Timberlake going to make a new album?!

Well, it seems like our questions have (partially?) been answered with the leak of this "new Justin Timberlake song" entitled Words I Say. It's a romantic super-slow jam that demonstrates what we always knew: Justin's still got it! So, which one of his former flames do you think he's talking about in the lyrics? Cameron Diaz? Jessica Biel? 

Sometimes I can't believe what I'm seeing / But I always receive the love that you're giving to me / And I still don't know what led me to you / But I know this, this was meant to be And girl in your smile I see my everything

We still don't know any details on a new album or any other tracks but we're keeping our ear to the ground. Thanks to KLUC for posting this song; it will tie us over until a new album is released!