Justin Timberlake's Hauntingly Beautiful "Mirrors" Music Video

One of our favorite things about the new progressive king of pop, Justin Timberlake, is that he knows how to make a truly cinematic music video. And in the case for "Mirrors", his second single, the clip that accompanies it is next-level caliber to his usual work. With the lyrics to the single comparing his one true love to a mirror, in the sense that they reflect each other and are essentially one person, the video takes us through the ages of a couple who are still together despite the odds thrown against them. It's a stunning piece of work, with the flashblack clips mixing into the present day, and of course with the use of mirrors, the video could have turned out corny if it wasn't so well done.

You may be thinking: where does JT appear in the eight-minute long clip? Near the end, our man Justin enters a funhouse-style room of mirrors and dances solo, then is joined by a bevy of artsy ballerinas, with one specific dancer who represents "the love of [his] life" on the other side of the fun mirror. With JT ditching his suit & tie for a modest turtleneck and peacoat, we loved seeing the serious, romantic side of our favorite crooner.

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