Kanye Wants To Marry Kim Kardashian According To New Lyrics

Kim Kardashian is anything but subtle, and it seems like some of her publicity-savvy hint-dropping is rubbing off on new boyfriend Kanye West. Remember when he dropped "Theraflu" with that line about falling in love with Kim around the same time she and Kris Humphries got together? Then the two started appearing in public together acting all casual? Then Kim was spotted with earrings shaped as the letters "K" and "W"?

A lot of their moves as a couple have seemed calculated, but this new revelation totally raises the stakes and makes us wonder just how serious the couple might be. In a still-unreleased Pusha T track, Kanye reportedly drops a verse that goes like this:

"I saw you in the club in a white dress / Now I want to put you in a white dress."


Do you think these lyrics are literal? Are Kanye and Kim headed for engagement and eventually marriage? Tell us what you think in the comments!