Kanye West and The Weeknd Both Remix "Drunk In Love": Which Is Better?

Beyonce's uber-sexy track got remixes from both Kanye and The Weeknd: which do you prefer?

It's no surprise that one of the hottest songs in the country is Beyonce ft. Jay Z's "Drunk In Love". So, naturally, everybody is getting on board to remix the sexy jam, and none other than Bey's pals Kanye West and The Weeknd both made separate versions of the song. But whose is better? We're taking a look at the lyrics that both artists add to the track to make their own to determine which one reins supreme.

Kanye's version of "Drunk In Love" has him adding more synths to the backing music, while he puts a couple of his own NSFW verses at the beginning of the track. "You love the way I'm turnt / After all the money you earned, still show daddy what you learned", raps Kanye before Queen Bey's intro.

When it comes to The Weeknd's "Drunk In Love" remix, the singer/songwriter/producer scraps out Bey's vocals entirely while covering hers, as well as putting his own original lyrics into the mix. "I've been mixin / I've been sippin / Since I been 20 on that lean, baby girl", he croons at the beginning, proving he's a little more drunk off of just love, if you know what we mean.

Ready to hear both version? Listen to Kanye's here:

And here's The Weekd's remix of "Drunk In Love":

Whose remix has the better lyrics? Let us know in the comments if you prefer Kanye's or The Weeknd's.