Karmin's New Song: Brokenhearted

Karmin, the duo best known on Youtube for their fun and theatrical covers of pop songs, has come out with the second single from their debut album. The song is called "Brokenhearted" and despite the solemn-sounding name, it's anything but sad. The duo (especially frontwoman Amy Heidemann) is known for their sass and ability to appeal to pop-music lovers with fast catchy hooks and fast-paced rap interludes and Brokenhearted has those two elements in spades.

While their first single Crash Your Party was a confident announcement that they had ARRIVED, the new single is a little less lyrically confident. The words of "Brokenhearted" follow a kind of love story that is just beginning and might still be on shaky ground, in which the woman (Heidemann) is begging her love interest to love her back and not to leave her brokenhearted. The beat is incredibly catchy and the few rap interludes (we knew Karmin had the rap thing down pat with their epic cover of Super Bass) are fun and danceable.

Listen to their new single and don't forget to check them out on SNL February 11th!