Kate Nash Writes And Records "Under-Estimate The Girl" In 24 Hours

Under-Estimate The Girl

Remember Kate Nash? The bubbly British singer/songwriter, who went to the same performing arts school as Adele and Amy Winehouse, is back with a song that is a complete departure from her signature quirky-girl sound. "Under-Estimate The Girl", which was written and recorded in a 24 hour time period, is trending all over the place because she's gone punk!

The public seems to be having a love-hate relationship with Nash's new track. Some are loving it because she took a risk, but others are criticizing it because they think the song sounds like it was written/recorded in 24 hours — messy, ear-splitting and poser-ish. Personally, we think that Kate's departure from cutesy songwriter to killer punk rock singer is pretty cool: we love her new look (redhead to two-toned blonde and black hair, plus the bindi!), her all-girl band can really rock, and her I-don't-care attitude is just what we needed in a world of manufactured pop songs.

Here are the lyrics to Kate Nash's new single "Under-Estimate The Girl":

Everybody play, play it so safe
No one wanna mess, mess with the rules

I feel like my head may explode
All my friends keep me alive though
I feel like myself I'm able
To get my, to get my

My release, my release
My release, yeah my release

I keep my cause close to my chest
My heart is alone, eyes undress
My heart! I wear my heart
On my sleeve

Underestimate me
Underestimate the girl
(Go on, underestimate her!)
Underestimate her

You keep pretending your happy
You keep reading your magazine
Your baby is f***in' me

You're the one you say you hate, you're
Every chance you had to waft it off
You probably made a big mistake

Everybody play, play it so safe
No one wanna mess, mess with the rules

No one wanna mess, mess with the rules

What do you think of Kate's new punk-rock tune? Let us know!