What Would Katy B Be Doing If She Wasn't A Musician?

Find out by reading our exclusive My Musical Mind questionnaire that Katy filled out

Okay, so you're probably aware that Katy B makes blissfully awesome pop songs, but did you know that she also has four nicknames, a bit of a green thumb, and once had a fan bake her a massive chocolate cake? No? Well that's what our My Musical Mind questionnaire is for, to help you learn these things. The British sensation recently filled one out for us. Check it out below, and then get familiar with Katy B's music, because if you're not already, you're really missing out.

Katy's latest album Little Red was released in February and is chalk-full of infectious dance/pop songs, including the hit singles "5 AM"and "Crying For No Reason." Her latest single, "Still," which you can listen to below, is more of a ballad those two songs and really shows off Katy's vocal range. Check it out.

"Still" is available on iTunes now, and so is her sophomore album Little Red. And be sure to keep up with Katy B by following her on any or all of her social channels listed below:


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