Katy Perry Is In A Fairytale In New "Wide Awake" Video

Katy Perry Wide Awake

When we #decoded Katy Perry's latest single "Wide Awake," we found out that it's a song about a breakup and the subsequent come-down you experience after falling out of love. With the release of the official music video for the song, we see Katy disappearing into a magical fairytale world and being guided through trials and tribulations by her inner child.

In the video the young Katy (or Katheryn, which is Katy's given name) takes current-Katy by the hand and leads her through scary situations with the paparazzi, and eventually saves her from ending up with a prince who looks charming but is actually full of lies (could this be a reference to Katy's failed marriage to Russel Brand?). In the end, Katheryn helps her see the light and the lyrics to the song's chorus make all the more sense:

"I'm wide awake / Yeah, I was in the dark I was falling hard / With an open heart I'm wide awake / How did I read the stars so wrong?" 

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