Katy Perry: Penning New Lyrics About Her Breakup?

When the news broke out that Katy Perry and her funnyman husband Russell Brand were getting a divorce last week, we're not gonna lie: the first thing that popped into our heads was new album material! We know it's harsh of us to say, but let's check her track record: "Ur So Gay" was written about a friend of rock band Foster The People who she used to date, while "Circle The Drain" was supposedly penned towards her old flame Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. So we weren't surprised when we heard that Perry was taking to her diary pre- and post-breakup to write new songs. According to Contact Music, an anonymous source claims that the California Gurl keeps a diary with her so that when an idea for a song strikes, she can write it down. Katy was apparently penning lyrics before and after the breakup, with BFF Rihanna by her side for comfort.

Our hearts go out to Katy and Russell during this difficult time, but we know that some great pop songs are about to surface...is it bad that we're excited?

What do you guys think?

~ A.H.