Katy Perry Premiere's "Part Of Me" 3D Movie And Has Our Lyric Of The Week!

We all know Katy Perry is an extremely successful pop star. She's been winning Grammy's and VMA's for years and anytime a new song of her's comes out you can almost guarantee it will climb to the top of the charts (or be named the "Song of the Summer"). Recently, in case you haven't heard, Katy starred in a movie that serves as a behind-the-scenes look at her life, career, and everything in between. It's called "Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D" yep, folks, it's ins 3D!

The movie got a red carpet roll-out premiere earlier this week with Katy showing up in a stunning red dress and treating the crowd to one of her famous outrageously-costumed stage performances. In honor of her new movie, we chose this line from her song "Part Of Me" as our Lyric of the Week:

"Now look at me, I'm sparkling / A firework, a dancing flame / You won't ever put me out again"

Will you be seeing her 3D movie? Tell us in the comments!