Katy Perry To Host SNL: 3 Reasons Why We Think She'll Rock It

You knew she was silly, you knew she was goofy, but can she crack a joke in front of a live audience and millions of people watching at home? Apparently SNL seems to think so as they booked Katy Perry to host the live broadcast on December 10th!

We can't wait to see her cracking wise with our favorite SNL cast members (shoutouts to Kristen Wiig!) and possibly collaborating with musical guest Robyn! Sure, she may be a musician herself but maybe she'll become an SNL regular guest-star like Justin Timberlake? Lets take a look at some lyrical hints that point to Katy as the perfect, funny SNL host!

1) She doesn't mind giving her co-stars the spotlight once in a while.

In one of her most fun songs, 'California Girls', she let Snoop D-o-double-g have the funniest lyric line of all, the Slap-Chop-referencing "Bikinis, zuchinis, martinis, no weenies / Just a king and a queenie." This is a great quality in a comedian because nobody wants to watch somebody awkwardly hogging camera time — just get to the funny stuff already!

2) She's not afraid of making mistakes.

"You think I'm pretty without any make-up on / You think I'm funny when I tell the punch line wrong"

There's nothing worse than an SNL guest who takes themselves too seriously. In this line from 'Teenage Dream', Katy proves that she isn't afraid of messing up a joke or of looking less-than-glamorous, which can make for some hilarious live comedy moments!

3) She wears costumes like a pro, and well, she kind of is!

Yep, it's her job as a popstar to dress up in outrageous (and outrageously pretty) costumes to entertain the masses! We've seen her as various forms of candy, cupcakes, mermaids, and fairies but in 'Waking Up In Vegas' she says "Dressed up like Elvis / Why am I wearing your class ring?" SNL is heavy in the costume department so we think Katy in Elvis gear will fit in just fine! 

So, do you think Katy will rock it as a host? Check out this list of the best Justin Timberlake SNL sketches to get primed for the popstar takeover airing live on December 10th!