Katy Perry Unveils "Dark Horse" and "Walking On Air" Lyrics

See snippets from two new songs off Perry's upcoming third album...

Image c/o Craig Barritt | Getty

You've done it, KatyCats! Remember when we reported that fans of Katy Perry had the power to unlock two snippets of lyrics from her upcoming third album Prism? It looks like enough fans tweeted the hashtag #KatyNow, so the singer followed through with her promise and revealed lines from "Dark Horse" and "Walking On Air": see them below!

So you wanna play with Magic / Boy, you should know whatcha fallin' for / Baby do you dare to do this cause I'm coming atcha like a dark horse / Are you ready for, ready for a perfect storm, perfect storm / 'Cause once you're mine you're mine, there's no going back...
— "Dark Horse"

Just when I think I can't take anymore we go deeper and harder than ever before / We go higher and higher / I feel like I'm there...
— "Walking On Air"

What do you think of both sets of lyrics? We like that the first one is harder and edgier, while the second set is light and fluffy. Sounds like this album could be a nice balance of anthems and ballads for Katy!

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