WATCH: Katy Perry's Comeback Single "Roar" Gets A Lyric Video

Katy's iMessaging us her latest hit: see the Emoji-tastic lyric video!


Katy Perry - she's just like one of us! Even though the mega pop star is a household name, she still gets up in the morning, eats breakfast, goes to the gym, and texts her friends. In the case of Perry's comeback single "Roar" from her upcoming album Prism, though, she's not typing up the usual message like "what's up" or "LOL": she's sending out her new song lyrics!

As the words to "Roar" flash across the screen of Perry's iPhone, adorable Emoji emoticons take the place of the lyrics, making her new empowerment anthem about finding her inner strength as fun and cute as Katy herself. Thanks to the shots of Katy doing everything from hanging in the passenger seat to cuddling her cat, the video gives us a nice little look into the day-to-day life of a pop star...which doesn't seem all that different from our own.

Watch the lyric video for Katy Perry's soon-to-be hit smash "Roar" on VEVO below:

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