Katy Perry's Lyric AND Chord Vid for "The One That Got Away (Acoustic)"

Y'all know how we're huge fans of lyric videos, right? Well, Katy Perry is taking it a step further with her acoustic version of "The One That Got Away" by adding guitar chords into the mix! Not only is this super-awesome for all you Katycats out there to sing along to her heartbreaking tune, it's also a chance to pick up a guitar for the first time and learn a chord or two. The song makes perfect sense to play acoustically, as it's just a simple melody and powerful lyrics. Maybe we'll see some uploaded vids of fans and musicians alike relating and playing to "The One That Got Away"!

We're looking forward to musicians releasing lyric + chord videos like this one in the future. Which artist would you like to see a vid from with guitar chords?

~ A.H.