Katy Perry's Next 'Prism' Single Is "Unconditionally"

The pop singer announced her follow-up to "Roar" to Billboard magazine...

Breaking news, KatyCats: the Prism singer's next single from her upcoming album isn't "Dark Horse"...it's something else! Katy Perry was interviewed by Billboard magazine on her forthcoming release, and the follow-up to her smash "Roar" will be a ballad titled "Unconditionally".

We don't know any of the lyrics to the song as of yet, or plans for a release date, but since that word is usually used in the sentence "loving somebody unconditionally", we assume it could be about her current beau John Mayer. D'aww!

For now, listen to "Dark Horse" ft. Juicy J below on VEVO: are you excited to hear "Unconditionally"?