Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' Describes A Painful Breakup - deCoded

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'Wide Awake', the latest song from Katy Perry, is about falling. Not falling in the literal sense, but the metaphorical fall from Cloud 9 post break-up and the plummet back down to the real-world.

Anyone that's been through a bad break-up knows it's a painful experience, including Katy Perry, who, as anybody that's read a tabloid over the last few months knows, has been through a recent break-up herself.

For this week's deCoded, we took a closer look at the lyrics to Katy's new break up ballad...

I'm wide awake / Yeah, I was in the dark I was falling hard / With an open heart I'm wide awake / How did I read the stars so wrong 

When you're in love, it's tough to see things with clarity. So when things crumble, it's often followed with one or several "what the heck was I thinking" moments. It looks like this is that moment for Katy.

I wish I knew then / What I know now / Wouldn't dive in / Wouldn't bow down / Gravity hurts / You made it so sweet / Till I woke up on / On the concrete  

We've all wished to have a crystal ball at one time or another, but life doesn't work out like that. The old "hindsight is 20/20" cliché seems appropriate here.

Thunder rumbling / Castles crumbling / I am trying to hold on / God knows that I tried / Seeing the bright side / But I'm not blind anymore...

With her world crashing in around her, Katy can't look on the bright side any longer. She's wide awake and seeing things clearly. The next step is the hardest part: moving on.

Listen to 'Wide Awake' below, courtesy of the brand new lyric video, which features our very own Live On Letterman concert with Katy...

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