Ke$ha's Sleazy 2.0 Remix Features All Star Guests

Ke$ha is back with a brand new remix of her song 'Sleazy'! As if we weren't excited enough to hear some new Ke$ha material, she wrangled some amazing guest stars for the remixed track. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and Andre 3000 are all featured doing their very own sleazy verses.

Ke$ha kicks off 'Sleazy 2.0' saying:
I don't need you or your brand new Benz / Or your bougie friends / I don't need love lookin' like diamonds / Lookin' like diamonds

Basically it's Ke$ha being Ke$ha: she's not concerned with glamour and riches, she just wants to party! Here are the guys' best lines:

Wiz Khalifa:
Okay I'm young and I'm tatted / I get them bucks like an addict / Rockin' this Christian Dior, I spend so much on my fabric

Andre 3000:
But now that we are cool-cool, she sipping Irish Baileys / She say, "Stacks, you're true blue?", I said "Nah, I'm Navy"

I ain't nothing like them other dudes / I'm an atom bomb, they a molecule / Still paid, ballin' out the frame, stuntin' like a fool

Lil Wayne:
Smoke that neon, Kings of Leon / Dynamite - Napoleon / Got some skinnies and a T on

Listen to the fun song here: