Ke$ha Reveals She Writes Songs With Her Boobs

In case y'all didn't know, we kind of have an obsession with Ke$ha. Love her or hate her: the girl just lives her life, doesn't care what anybody thinks, and we respect her for that. Which is why we expected wild & crazy tales from the glitter-loving pop star when she appeared on Conan for an interview with the late night host. The video clip above shows K-dollar-sign clad in a dress covered in Conan heads (which we totally want for ourselves), but we got distracted from her outfit when she was asked about how she approaches songwriting.

Like most writers, Ke$ha said she gets ideas out of nowhere and writes them down or jots them into her phone, and also writes on guitar and piano. However, there's one tactic she's been using recently that has apparently helped her write all her favorite songs: she uses her "assets" over the piano keys. That's right — she lowers herself, sans shirt, onto the ivories and lets her chest do the work. We have to hand it to you, Ke$ha...if using your boobs to write songs helps create jams like "Die Young" and "Crazy Kids", then we're all for it!

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