Ke$ha's "C'mon" Lyric Video Is The Cutest Thing We've Ever Seen

Leave it to animal lover Ke$ha to come up with a lyric video for her next single "C'mon" filled with none other than baby animals! It's a smart move, because we've now watched the lyric vid a dozen times to get a glimpse of the multiple kittens, puppies, duckies, hamsters, and bunnies that populate the clip. With a typical-yet-catchy song to support the adorable vid, we're kiiiiinda obsessed with "C'mon" even more than her previous single, "Die Young". You totally won us over with cuteness, Ke$ha!

What do you guys think of Ke$ha's too-cute-to-be-true lyric video for "C'mon"? Let us know your thoughts!