Kelly Clarkson's Upcoming Single: "I Forgive You"

Kelly Clarkson is a woman scorned, we know that much by all her singles that put her exes on blast and announce to the world that she doesn't need them anymore. It's a theme that has obviously worked for her throughout her long(er than most American Idols) career but it seems that even she thinks it's time to switch things up. Clarkson recently announced at a concert in Pennsylvania that her next single from Stronger would be a little ditty called "I Forgive You." Yep, you heard that right: forgiveness! Clarkson's exes are all breathing a sigh of relief and telling themselves this song is about them right about now.

"I Forgive You" is all about how Kelly wants to forgive the person (or people?) who hurt her and turn her attitude around:
'Cause the lights are on / But I'm never home / But I'll be back with a brand new attitude / 'Cause I forgive you

It's a great follow-up to the positive pick-me-up song "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" and a nice switch from her past revenge ballads like "Since U Been Gone" and "Mr. Know It All." She's finally starting to understand that (forgive the cliches) people make mistakes, some things just aren't meant to be, and in the end everything happens for a reason:
We were just a couple of kids / Trying to figure out how to live / Doing it our way / No shame, no blame' / Cause the damage is done / And I forgive you

Listen to the song here:

What do you think of Kelly's newfound perspective? Is this a good choice for the next single?