Kick Back With These 6 Songs For A Lazy Summer Afternoon

Read on to find out what songs we love relaxing to during the dog days of summer.

Today we don't feel like doing anything...

Welcome to the dog days of summer, y'all: where it's completely sweltering outside, so you're just not up to doing anything productive at the moment. Don't worry — we feel you. After all, nothing can beat sitting around with no cares in the world during the summertime. Naturally, you're going to need a handful of songs to be the soundtrack to your summer of bumming around, and luckily you've come to the right place. What 6 songs can score your lazy summer afternoons? Count down with us, lay out your hammock, and get those speakers fired up:
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6. Florida Georgia Line — Dirt

The latest single from the country masters of summer (aka Florida Georgia Line) might not be as party-ready as their other tracks, but it's a good thing they decided to take the antics level down a notch in their new music. After all, you need those moments to relax and simply enjoy the summertime: and all the "dirt" that comes with it. Who said lazing in a field was a cleanly activity?

Chillest lyric: "Her blue eyed summertime smile looks so good that it hurts / Makes you wanna build a 10 percent down white picket fence house on this dirt..."

5. Sylvan Esso — Coffee

Sylvan Esso's name might not be household-known at this point in time, but her song "Coffee" is helping her make a name for herself. What makes this track so ready-brewed for summertime lazin'? Besides her totally chill vocals and minimal production on the track, it totally puts us in the mood for a nice, cool iced coffee. Which might make us less lazy, actually: caffeine jolt, much?

Chillest lyric: "Blazing summer, cold coffee / Baby's gone, do you love me?"

4. Miguel — Simplethings

Take it from R&B master Miguel to teach us to enjoy the simple things in life. We met the humble star last year when we interviewed him, so we have proof that he's one of the simplest guys we've ever had the pleasure of talking to. So we weren't surprised when he released this effortlessly simple song about the best things in life: love, laughter, and friendship. What else do you need on a blazing summer day?

Chillest lyric: "I just want someone to, smoke with me babe / And lay with me babe / And laugh with me babe / I just want the simple things..."

3. The Kinks — Sunny Afternoon

Here's a classic that we think you knew was gonna pop up on our lazy summer list. After all, The Kinks sing about basically having nothing — no money, no cares, etc. — and yet, still enjoying their sunny afternoon. It's proof that the summer sun cures all woes.

Chillest lyric: "And I love to live so pleasantly / Live this life of luxury / Lazing on a sunny afternoon / In the summertime..."

2. Mungo Jerry — In The Summertime

We've got one more laid-back summer classic for you on our list: the singalong-inducing "In The Summertime" by Mungo Jerry. Honestly, who doesn't hear this song and instantly picture lazy summertime activities popping into their heads? Play this one down by the river as you relax and do absolutely nothing.

Chillest lyric: "In the summertime when the weather is hot / You can stretch right up and touch the sky..."

1. Bruno Mars — The Lazy Song

When it comes to all the lyrics on this list, Bruno Mars's "The Lazy Song" basically describes how we feel on a hot summer's day. The heat is a perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing, right? Sorry we missed your call — we're too busy grooving to Bruno's lazy anthem as we soak up the sun.

Chillest lyric: "I just wanna lay in my bed / Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone / 'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything..."

What songs would you put on a lazy summer afternoon playlist? Tell us in the comments!

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