Krystal Keith Hand Wrote AND Explained Two New Songs For Us

Talk about getting your money's worth.

Krystal Keith has just released her debut album Whiskey & Lace, which is a collection of rockin' country tunes not too far off from her dad Toby Keith's music. We first got to know Krystal when she shared her My Musical Mind with us back in April, and 'got our redneck on' when we checked out the drop of her latest lyric video.

Now, the country singer/songwriter is not only sharing with us the handwritten words to two of her songs from the new record, she also took the time to explain the lyrics and their significance. Talk about a bonus! Get a look at the lyrics and the video explanations below.

Here's the handwritten lyrics to the album's title track, "Whiskey & Lace":

In the video below, Krystal tells us how the song came to be by when she thought up the title and kept it backlogged on her phone for months. When she got in the studio, the song title seemed to encompass the entire record, and the lyrics are a heartfelt ode about a woman struggling to make ends meet.

See Krystal's hand-penned "Get Your Redneck On" lyrics here:

And see what the performer said about the single, which is not only her first from the record, it's her first as a certified songwriter! Along with producer Nathan Chapman, Krystal wrote this tribute to redneck culture from a woman's perspective because as far as the two of them knew, it hadn't been done before.

Krystal Keith's Whiskey & Lace is out today on iTunes. Do you have a favorite lyric from the album?