Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Talks New Single "Bartender" interviewed the country trio's vocalist to discuss the new direction of Lady A's lyrics: see the highlights!

When Lady Antebellum first broke onto the music scene back in 2009, their track "Need You Now" totally made the crossover from country single to major pop hit. Who hasn't stayed up late at night longing for the one they can't have? The band followed the breakthrough breakup single with other tracks in the same vein, like "Dancin' Away With My Heart", but on their latest LP, Golden, the band looked to the light in their songwriting process. Just ask, who got the chance to speak with Lady A's vocalist Hillary Scott not only about the positive tracks off Golden, but discussed the trio's latest single "Bartender" as well.
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"Our fans wanted to see a different side of us," states Scott in the interview piece. "We could tell our fans were just wanting uptempo from us [and] not wanting another mid-tempo [song] or ballad." The fans are certainly onto something: most of LA's tracks before last year's release of Golden were mid-tempo ballads about heartache. There's only so much one can do in that strain, especially in country music, so the band went with a more positive spin in their songwriting off their newest record, most notably on the single "Compass".

Inspired by the positivity that "Compass" conveys, Lady Antebellum has big plans for their upcoming fifth studio album, with the lead song "Bartender" slowly but surely creeping up the country (and pop) charts. According to Scott, they're injecting the forthcoming LP with a lot of "fun", and "Bartender" is a great example of their newfound theme. It's almost like the anti-"Need You Now": while their debut hit was about desperation, "Bartender" is "much more like, 'Let's go have a girls night. It's beyond repair, let's just go have a great night,'" muses Scott.

Read the entire interview with Hillary over at, and take a look at the lyric video for Lady Antebellum's "Bartender" off the player below:

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