Lady Gaga's "Nothing On (But the Radio)": A New Single From Mother Monster?

Did you know that the world's biggest female pop star at the moment also writes her own songs? That's right: Lady Gaga is not only a talented singer/dancer/pianist, she also knows a thing or two about penning lyrics. Which is why it's surprising that Gaga re-worked an old demo of hers which was actually written FOR her, not BY her. "Nothing On (But The Radio)" was recorded back in 2010 and was composed by one of pop's top songwriters Billy Steinberg, who's responsible for hits like "Give Your Heart A Break", "Like A Virgin", "True Colors", and "So Emotional". We're guessing with songs like that under Steinberg's belt, Mother Monster felt comfortable enough to sing someone else's track, and the reason why we're assuming it's her new single? The revamped version was captured in a fan's video of Gaga, with the tune blasting out of her vehicle.

More reason to suspect that "Nothing On" will be released? A fan tweeted at Lady Gaga's sound engineer asking him for the first letter of her new single, and he replied with "N O. :)"

Hear the original "Nothing On (But the Radio)" demo, starting at 30 seconds in: do you think that Lady Gaga will release the revamped version of this song to the public?