Lana Del Rey's Rendition of "Blue Velvet" is our Lyric Of The Week

If anybody knows how to put a modern yet nostalgic spin on a classic song, it's pop crooner Lana Del Rey. As the face of H&M's fashion collection for fall 2012, the retro-channelling singer starred in the clothing brand's campaign video (as seen above), sighing out her cover of the 1950's hit "Blue Velvet". The old-school tune fits Lana's sultry voice perfectly, and while the campaign video is rather odd, it's also intriguing, and everybody is talking about it. That's why LDR's "Blue Velvet" takes our Lyric Of The Week:

"She wore blue velvet / Bluer than velvet was the night / Softer than satin was the light / From the stars"

What do you think of Lana's cover and campaign video? Let us know in the comments!