Presents: for KING & COUNTRY

Hailing from Australia but located in Nashville, for KING & COUNTRY are making their way onto the music radar, thanks to our friends at Presents. Consisting of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, the pair grew up constantly exposed to music, thanks to their concert promoter father.

How did they get their unique band name? Taken from the group's bio page on their website, lead singer Luke describes it best:

"While working on our debut record, I came up with the idea of calling us 'All the Kings Men,' but it just didn't fit exactly with what we were looking for. We were in the studio with our producer and he said, 'what about for king and country?' The history of that phrase is that back in the olden days, the British would go into battle shouting, chanting, 'For King and Country,' sort of as an anthem of fighting for something that they believed wholeheartedly in. We all looked at each other in the studio and we just knew that was it."

In for KING & COUNTRY's Presents session, the guys perform this beautiful song, entitled "Light It Up". It was written for a friend of the band who was struggling with depression. To quote re: the band's friend:

"He would go many days in his home without any light, living in total darkness. When they played it for him, he got up and drove away without saying anything. They thought he hated it or it hurt him. A little while later, he called to thank them both. After listening to it on repeat, he felt a little better."

Watch the Presents interview with for KING & COUNTRY members Joel and Luke:

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