's "Best of 2011" Is Here! knows music. And not in the pretentious-I-spend-all-my-time-listening-to-music-you've-never-heard-of way, but in the all-our-music-knowledge-is-based-on-our-musically-intelligent-users way. Case in point:'s Best of 2011 feature.

Best of 2011 showcases the year in music; the most popular artists, the hottest buzz bands, the most scrobbled musicians—essentially whatever music people's ears have been all over in 2011.

Their "Top Artists" chart was created by analyzing scrobbles (a app that displays what you've been listening to on your iPod and computer) for music released throughout the year. We can't say we were surprised with their results, considering their top scrobbled artist also happens to hold our most searched lyric of the year: Adele (duh). Coming in at a close second is Mother Monster herself, whose lyrics for "Born This Way" also appear in our top ten most searched lyrics of the year.

Then there's the "New Discoveries" chart, which showcases the most scrobbled artists whose FIRST scrobble was in 2011. The indie cred was given to intimate crooner Youth Lagoon, Friday-enthusiast Rebecca Black, and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

The third and final feature of "Best of 2011" is the Year in Music, which highlights all the crazy news that affected what music we listened to, and how. Major peaks include both Amy Winehouse and Heavy D's passing, the breakup of the White Stripes, Beyonce's baby announcement, LCD Soundsystem's farewell show announcement, and of course, the death of Steve Jobs.

To say's "Best of 2011" is dead-on would be an understatement. Check it out with your own eyes (and ears!) and be prepared to come to terms with the fact that a music site knows you better than you know yourself.