's Summer Sessions Contest

Remember summer? Yeah, neither do we. But does and they're here to refresh our memory with their Summer Sessions Contest!

Here's the rundown. Over the summer, shone their spotlight on one indie artist for an entire week as part of their Discover Summer Sessions series, and now they want you to choose the best session overall.

There are thirteen artists in total but here's a select few of our favorites plus some of their lyrics that remind us summer's just around the bend:

Twin Shadow (I Can't Wait)

I can not wait for summer / I can not wait for June / When all the ghosts are quiet / When everything is new

Twin Shadow hits the nail on the head here. There is definitely a certain 'newness' that comes with the golden season. We all take a little "me" time off work or school to rejuvenate, reflect, and reinvent. Ugh, who am I kidding? We just go tanning. 

Matt Nathanson (Come On Get Higher)

So come on, get higher, loosen my lips / Faith and desire and the swing of your hips / Just pull me down hard and drown me in love

We're not gonna beat around the bush with this one. A HUGE part of summer is the obligatory ~*summer fling*~. You're like totes in love and convinced you're gonna get married. But by September, the spell wears off as your fling loses all of his/her appeal and you're convinced you had heat stroke when you met. 

The Postelles (Sleep on the Dance Floor)

But you say, "People, they always get lost at night" / And I was just looking for all, not right / So don't you come knockin' down my front door / 'Cause I fell asleep on the dancefloor tonight

After sundown, summer is a giant blur of moonwalks, dougies, and dutty wines. After spending your whole day at the beach, you're feeling bronzed and confident, so why not let your inner-Beyonce out? You've earned it. 



Summer is awesome just by itself. But when you have a boat? A thousand times better. 

Alright folks, as much as we'd like to feature each of the artists in the running for best session, we can't do ALL the work! Head on over to  to to view  the complete list and cast your vote. By the way, last year's winners were We Are Scientists so it's kind of a big deal. Make sure you give each artist your ears's full attention—they deserve it!