Leonard Cohen: The Lyrical Legend's New Album "Old Ideas"

There's no doubt about it: Leonard Cohen is a lyrical genius. His career spans over 50 years, he has influenced some of the world's biggest artists, and he wrote one of the most cherished songs of all time: "Hallelujah". With a dozen records under his belt, Cohen felt the need to add lucky album number 13 to his discography with Old Ideas, a collection of songs that are a mix of new and, well, old.

According to Street Date, Mr. Cohen states that the album consists of brand new tracks as well songs from the archives, and the music is acoustic to showcase the poetry of the lyrics. Fans of the folk icon will be delighted to hear that the veteran artist plans to go on tour and play these songs live.

"I'm looking forward to rehearsing these songs with my band", said Cohen. Well, Leonard, we can't wait to see you live in concert again!

Here's his lyric video for "Show Me The Place" — we love how it looks just like one of Leonard's notebooks!

Will you be picking up Cohen's new collection of tracks?