The 20 Most Romantic One Direction Lyrics

Taken from their latest album 'Midnight Memories', we chose the 20 most romantic lyrics the boys had to offer.

Our favorite fivesome One Direction are riding high off the success of their third studio album, Midnight Memories, and we have a feeling it might be to do with their lyrics. Now, now -- we know they're a bunch of incredibly handsome lads and all, but here at MetroLyrics, we're all about the WORDS first, so we decided to take a look at the lyrics to their new album and find out what makes the 1D boys such a sensation.

Turns out, the guys really know how to lay on the sweet talk. Whoda thunk it? So join us as we count down a whopping 20 romantic lyric lines sung by Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis from Midnight Memories...

20. "Maybe it's the way she walked / Straight into my heart and stole it / Through the doors and past the guards / Just like she already owned it..." -- Best Song Ever

Imagine walking into Harry's heart and simply stealing it away. Pretty romantic imagery there, right? We kinda wish we could do that...

19. "I don't care what people say when we're together / You know I wanna be the one who holds you when you sleep..." -- Happily

Ah, the classic Romeo + Juliet love story of two kids who want to be together despite what their family & friends say. Forbidden love = the most romantic love.

18. "If you ever feel alone, don't / You were never on your own..." -- Don't Forget Where You Belong

Just remember, when you're feeling down because you feel like you'll never meet 1D, they're with you no matter what. Those boys love their Directioners!

17. "Midnight memories, / Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, baby you and me / Stumbling in the street / Singing, singing, singing, singing..." -- Midnight Memories

We understand that the image of stumbling down the street in full party mode with One Direction might not read as the most romantic, but imagine it happening in real life. Is your heart beating? Thought so.

16. "I don't know why I wanna be with every girl I meet / I can't control it / Yeah, I know it's taking over me..." -- Alive

Again, compulsion to want to romance every girl they meet might appear a little creepy, but if anybody from 1D fleetingly swept you away, you'd take it.

15. "I wish that I could take you to the stars / I'd never let you fall and break your heart / And if you wanna cry or fall apart / I'll be there to hold ya..." -- Through The Dark

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. *eyes flutter*

14. "Little black dress / Just walked into the room / Makin' heads turn / Can't stop looking at you..." -- Little Black Dress

Nothing more romantic than getting all dolled up in your best black dress and having One Direction write a song about you!

13. "Let me be the one to / Lift your heart up and save your life / I don't think you even realize / Baby you'll be saving mine..." -- Diana

Oh, to be Diana...she brought the boys back to life with her love! We're currently clutching our hearts over our chests right now.

12. "I want you here with me / Like how I pictured it / So I don't have to keep imagining..." -- Something Great

Must be hard to be the boys of 1D and be on the road all the time without their special gals around. :(

11. "I don't know how else to sum it up / 'Cause words ain't good enough / Oh, I can't explain your love, no / It's better than words..." -- Better Than Words

To be told that your love is better than words is pretty dang romantic! We're speechless!

10. "My hands, your hands / Tied up like two ships / Drifting, weightless / Waves trying to break it / I'd do anything to save it..." -- Strong

Even through rough times, the One Direction guys are going to do their darndest to save your love. Swoon!

9. "Does he know you're hot and I want you so bad? / Woah, oh, oh, oh, oh / Tonight, you're mine, baby..." -- Does He Know?

Ooh, probably the most forward line comin' from the seemingly-innocent 1D. We'll take it. *blushes*

8. "You know I can't fight the feeling / And every night I feel it / Right now / I wish you were here with me..." -- Right Now

The feeling of love is bursting through the chests of the fivesome! Talk about a romantic claim.

7. "If this room was burnin' / I wouldn't even notice / 'Cause you've been taking up my mind..." -- Little White Lies

They wouldn't even care if they were on fire, they'd be too distracted thinkin' about romancin' ya.

6. "So your friend's been telling me / You've been sleeping with my sweater / And that you can't stop missing me..." -- Half A Heart

We're sorry, but what's more adorable than cuddling with your love one's sweater while they're away? So cute.

5. "Oh I will carry you over fire and water for your love / And I will hold you closer / Hope your heart is strong enough / When the night is coming down on you..." -- Through The Dark

You know a guy is willing to be the best boyfriend ever when he walks over FIRE and WATER for you.

4. "I just want it to be you and I forever / I know you wanna leave so come on baby be with me so happily..." -- Happily

Hmm, could 1D be...proposing to us? We happily accept.

3. "My heart, your heart, sit tight like book ends / Pages between us, written with no end / So many words we're not saying / Don't wanna wait till it's gone / You make me strong..." -- Strong

Nothing better than being able to claim that the love you have for your 1D man gives them strength.

2. "Nothing can come between you and I / Not even the gods above can separate the two of us..." -- You & I

Now THAT's romance: declaring that not even Zeus himself can separate the two of you with his lightning bolt.

1. "The story of my life, I give her hope / I spend her love until she's broke inside..." -- Story Of My Life

We're not even joking: the line "I spend her love until she's broke inside" is probably the most romantic thing we've ever read. :')


Watch the behind-the-scenes making-of video for "Story Of My Life" off VEVO below:

We wanna hear from you, Directioners: which Midnight Memories lyric is the most romantic?