Let's Talk About Sun Kil Moon's Brutally Honest 'Benji' Lyrics

We've just been introduced to an amazing way to throw down lyrics, thanks to Sun Kil Moon's Mark Kozelek.

(via Bill Ellison)

Folk music has always been known for being lyrically dense, and when it comes to Mark Kozelek's music project Sun Kil Moon, this is definitely the case. However, while some folk musicians might sound repetitive or dragging to some folks (folk music...folks...get it??? :P), we guarantee you'll be captivated by Kozelek's lyrics, even if his songs can clock in at around 6 minutes or more. Check out "Carissa", a wordy but fascinating ballad about the passing of his second cousin, from his latest LP Benji:

Benji, the sixth studio album from Sun Kil Moon, is getting potentially the highest praise out of every album under Kozelek's musical moniker. Comprised of 11 tracks and coming in at just over an hour in length, it's a grand story of the singer/songwriter essentially spilling his guts on everything from his love for his parents to his feelings on pushing 50 years old. One of my favorites from the album, "Dogs", has Kozelek listing out every woman he's ever been with and all the juicy details behind each one, with every verse coming out so simple and poetic:

Other brilliant lyric lines appear in the Sun Kil Moon track "Pray For Newtown", where Kozelek explains how he received a fan letter asking for his condolences towards the unfortunate massacre that took place there, and "Micheline", where he reveals where the title of the album came from as he recalls seeing the movie Benji back when he was a kid.

If you're interested in hearing the rest of the album, it's being streamed off Spotify, or you can head on over to YouTube. Then again, it's always nice to support your fellow artist: pick up Benji off iTunes if you feel so inclined.

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